Technical Regulations

Technical Regulations for Tradeshows and Exhibitions of the Messe und Congress Centrum Halle Münsterland GmbH

Field of Application
Messe und Congress Centrum Halle Münsterland GmbH has issued these safety-related regulations for tradeshows and exhibitions, with the objective to enable a successful and safe course of events for all participants. These technical regulations are based on legal and official requirements and are a binding minimum standard for all exhibitors. Compliance of these regulations will be monitored by Messe und Congress Centrum Halle Münsterland GmbH employees, organisers and appointed third parties. Taking on an exhibition booth can be partially or entirely banned in the interest of all exhibition participants, in the event that identified safety discrepancies have not been rectified by commencement of the event.

1. Setting-up and Dismantling Activities

All setting-up and dismantling activities may only be conducted in accordance with occupational health and safety laws, commercial laws and place of public assembly laws. The exhibitor and their appointed contractors are responsible for the compliance of these regulations. The exhibitor and their appointed contractors must ensure that any two-way hazard with other exhibitors or their contractors must be prevented during set-up and dismantling activities. If required they must appoint a coordinator who will direct these activities. The organiser, Messe und Congress Centrum Halle Münsterland GmbH and authorised officials have the right to stop any activities in the event of a breach against legal regulations.

2. Fire Brigade Movement Zone

All required emergency access roads and fire brigade movement zones identified by “No standing at any times” signs must remain clear at all times. Vehicles and objects parked on escape routes and in safety areas will be towed or removed at the cost and risk of the owner.

3. Safety Equipment

Fire alarm, water markers, hydrants, fire extinguishers and emergency call lines, smoke flaps, openings for fume outlet systems, smoke detectors, telephones, telephone distribution points as well as ventilation in- and outlets for heating and ventilation equipment, their appropriate signage as well as green emergency exit signs must be accessible and visible at any time. They must not be obstructed, moved or made irrecognisable in any way.

4. Exits and Hallways

Exits and Hallways are escape routes and must be kept clear at any time. Doors within the vicinity of escape routes must be able to be easily opened in full width. Escape routes, exit doors, emergency exits and their signage must not be obstructed, covered or made irrecognisable in any way. Hallways must never be narrowed by objects which have been left there or which take up space. Every hallway serves as an escape route in case of an emergency.

5. Driving on the Premises

Driving onto the premises with a vehicle, truck or a gas-operated fork lift is strictly prohibited. Authorisations will only be issued in individual cases by Messe und Congress Centrum Halle Münsterland GmbH.

6. Area of Booth

The area of the booth indicated in the booth confirmation will be parked by the organiser upon request by the exhibitor. Booths must be set-up at this area only. The exhibitor must take marginal eviations of booth measurements into consideration. These could occur due to variations in wall thickness of the partitioning walls. Pillars, wall projection, partitioning walls, distribution boxes, fire extinguisher equipment and other technical equipment are part of the allocated areas for the booths. Therefore only local measurements are valid for place, position, measurement and other fixtures of the rentable area. Claims against the organiser and Messe und Congress Centrum Halle Münsterland GmbH based on deviations of the booth confirmation will not be validated.

7. Booth Safety

Exhibition booths including fixtures, fittings, exhibits as well as advertising media must be set-up with such a stable technique, that life and health as well as safety and order are not endangered. The exhibitor is responsible for the structural safety of the booth and must provide proof on request. For requirements on booth safety please refer to the National Building Code and the North-Rhine-Westphalian regulations on places of public assembly in their relevant current version.

8. Exhibition Booths and Auxiliary Constructions Subject to Authorisation

All multi-storey exhibition booths, mobile booths, auxiliary constructions must be accompanied by an authorisation to be submitted to the organiser. Generally a test log book or checked statistics for the construction must also be submitted.

9. Vehicles and Containers

Vehicles and Containers in the halls are also subject to authorisation at all times. Vehicles which feature a combustion engine may only be exhibited on the premises with a maximum fuel content of one litre. The battery must be clamped off and in individual cases if officially required, the fuel tank must be charged and shut off with inert gas (i.e.: nitrogen or carbon dioxide). Additional safety procedures are reserved for exceptions.

10. Booth Construction Materials

Slightly inflammable, dripping burning intense or toxic gases forming materials are prohibited for constructing booth. Special requirements can be requested for load-bearing construction parts for safety reasons. It is imperative that DIN 4102 (Building materials and building parts resistant to fire) or EN 13501-1 must be observed and complied with.

11. Carpets

Laying carpets or other decoration materials directly on the floors of the hall must be carried out by the lessee in such a way, that it must prevent persons from slipping, tripping or falling. Carpets and other floor coverings must be laid in an accident-proof manner and may not project over the booth boundaries. Adhesive markings, carpet fixtures and similar may only occur with special residue-free removable carpet tape. Self-adhesive carpet tiles are prohibited. All applied material must be removed without leaving any residue. This also applies to substances such as oils, fats, colours and similar substances. The floors of the halls must not be painted.

12. Floor and Parquet Protection

Anchoring and mounting into the floors is prohibited. Setting-up damp or soaked objects onto the parquet flooring is prohibited. Leaking moisture must be removed immediately. Refrigerators must be set-up on a waterproof underlay.

13. Glass and Acrylic Glass

The only glass permitted for use is laminated safety glass. Corners of glass panels must be finished or secured in such a way, that any risk of injury can be excluded. Structural glazing parts must be marked at eye level. Requirements in accordance with “Technical rules for the use of crash-safe glazings (TRAV)“ must be complied with for glass constructions.

14. Exits from Enclosed Booths:

Booth areas with a floor space of more than 100 m² or complex layout planning must have a minimum of two separate exits/escape/ emergency exits situated opposite each other. The walking path of each point at an exhibition area up to the hallway must not exceed 20 m.

15. Railings / Breastwork of Podiums

General accessible areas which border directly to areas which are situated more than 0.20m deeper must be surrounded by hand rails.

16. Nails, Hooks, Holes and Transporting Heavy Loads

Positioning of bolts and anchoring points, as well as knocking holes into floors, walls or ceilings of the hall are prohibited. Heavy loads, heavy load material and crates may only be transported onto the premises with trolleys which have rubber tires. Skid marks caused by abrasion must be avoided.

17. Second Ceilings / Intervention in the Fabric of a Building

Hall components and technical equipment may not be stressed by the superstructure of the both or exhibits. Exhibitors may build around hall pillars/hall support beams within the booth area avoiding damage and within the approved headroom. Second ceilings coming off the hall ceiling are only permitted for intended technical equipment and may only be performed by Messe und Congress Centrum Halle Münsterland GmbH or one of their specialist contractors.

18. Electrical Installations / Water Supply

Connections to the existing main power supply can only be performed by Messe und Congress Centrum Halle Münsterland GmbH themselves or by approved specialist contractors who are familiar with the place of public assembly. For relevant work within the booth it is also recommended to appoint specialist contractors authorised by Messe und Congress Centrum Halle Münsterland GmbH. All electrical equipment must be installed in accordance with the most updated safety regulations of the German Electro-Technical Association (VDE). VDE 0100, 0128 and ICE 60364-7-711 must be observed in particular.

19. Decoration Materials

Decoration materials must be in accordance with DIN 4102, at least B1 or at least Category C as per EN 13501-1, i.e. they must be flame resistant. Only certain materials can be rendered flame resistant by subsequent treatment with a flame resistant substance. The applied flame resistance substances must be officially approved. The highly inflammable certification or a certification that the required impregnation has occurred must be disclosed at the booth for inspection at any time.

20. Use of Balloons and Flying Objects

The use of helium balloons and other flying objects in the halls and on the open-air ground is subject to approval by Messe und Congress Centrum Halle Münsterland GmbH.

21. Trees and Plants

Decorations made out of natural plants may only be kept on the premises providing they are still fresh. Bamboo, reed, hay, straw, bark mulch, turf, (fir-) trees without bulbs or similar materials do not meet the stipulated specifications (ignition hazard due to tobacco products). The Fire Brigade will make decisions on any exceptions

22. Waste-, Scrap-, Residue Containers

Scrap and residue containers made out of flammable materials may not be set-up at the booths. Scrap and residue containers at the booth must be emptied on a regular basis, no later than every night after tradeshow closing time. If larger quantities of inflammable waste accumulates, these must be disposed off several times during the day.

23. Empties, Packaging

The storage of empties, packaging and packaging containers of any type situated at and outside of the booth in the hall is prohibited. Accumulated emtpies, packaging and packaging containers must be removed immediately.

24. Smoking Ban

Smoking is prohibited within Messe und Congress Centrum Halle Münsterland GmbH. The smoking ban must be observed and enforced by every exhibitor at their booth.

25. Fire Extinguisher

We recommend that suitable and inspected fire extinguishers are available at every booth.

26. Pyrotechnics

Pyrotechnical presentations must be officially approved and the organiser as well as Messe und Congress Centrum Halle Münsterland GmbH must be notified.

27. Laser Equipment

The operation of certain types of laser equipment must be in accordance with the regulations of the Employers Liability Insurance Association and the relevant authorities must be notified. The  notification  must  be  accompanied  by  the  written  contract commissioning the services of a laser safety specialist to operate the laser equipment. In addition the organiser must be notified of the intended operation.

28. Fog Machines

The operation of fog machines is subject to approval by Messe und Congress Centrum Halle Münsterland GmbH, in order to avoid accidental activation of the Fire Alarm System.

29. Hot Plates, Flood Lights, Transformers

All heat-generating and heatdeveloping electrical equipment must be assembled on non-inflammable, heat-resistant, asbestos-free underlay for extra protection. A sufficient large distance to inflammable substances and relevant to the heat development must be ensured. Lighting fixtures must not be attached to decorations or similar objects. Please remember to switch off any electrical cooking equipment or other equipment which could expose danger when in operation and left unattended at the end of the daily opening hours.

30. Advertising Material / Advertising

Arbitrary advertising campaigns outside your own booth (i.e.: handing out brochures, displaying advertising posters/signs) are prohibited.

31. Acoustic and Visual Demonstrations

The operation of acoustic equipment as well as audio-visual presentations of any type by the exhibitor is subject to the approval of the organiser or Messe und Congress Centrum Halle Münsterland GmbH and must be submitted in writing. The acoustic levels must not exceed 60 dBA during musical performances. If these regulations are repeatedly breached, the electricity supply to the booth of the exhibitor can be shut off without considering the associated supply to the booth. Compensation claims lodged by the exhibitor for direct or indirect damages due to the power-cut is excluded. The onus of proof for complying with regulations lies with the exhibitor.

32. Musical Playback (GEMA)

In accordance with legal requirements (Copyright Law), the approval of the Association for musical performance laws and mechanical right of reproduction laws (GEMA) is required for any type of musical playbacks. Musical playbacks which have not been registered can result in a claim for damages by GEMA.

33. Explosive Substances / Ammunition

Explosive substances underlie the Explosives Law in the relevant current version and must not be used or displayed at tradeshows.

34. Spray Guns, Pyroxylin Varnish

The use of spray guns as well as pyroxylin varnishes is prohibited.

35. Inflammable Liquids

Inflammable Liquids and inflammable gases must not be used or stored at the booths. Operating any type of gas burners is prohibited.

36. Ethyl Alcohol and Mineral Oils

Ethyl Alcohol and Mineral Oils (fuel, kerosene, etc.) must not be used for the purpose if cooking, heating or operational purposes.

37. Cut-Off Grinding Work, Heat Treatments and All Types of Work with an Open Flame

Welding, cutting, soldering, sanding, cut-off grinding and other work which involves an open flame or flying sparks is prohibited. In exceptional cases a permission slip may be issued by Messe und Congress Centrum Halle Münsterland GmbH for work involving fire with special safety conditions (Permission slip for fire hazardous work). This is subject to a written application in addition to detailed description of the work.

38. CE-Labelling of Products

Products which are not accompanied by a CE-confirmation certificate and do not meet the requirements in accordance with § 4 Section 1 or 2 of the Law on Technical Work Equipment and Consumer Products (GPSG) may only be exhibited if a clearly visible sign indicates that these requirements have not been fulfilled and can only be obtained within the European Union once the relevant conformity has been produced. Required precautions must be taken for protection of persons during a presentation.

39. Modification of Booth Constructions which are not in Accordance with Regulations/Auxiliary Constructions

Set-ups, fittings, equipment and decorations (materials) which have been brought into the hall and have not been approved, are not in accordance with these regulations or those of VStättVO NRW (Regulations on a place of public assembly – North-Rhine Westphalia), are not permitted to be set-up in the place of public assembly and if required, must be removed or modified at the cost of the exhibitor. This also applies to an execution by substitution through the organiser. A partial or total closing down of a booth can be ordered based on valid reasons, in particular in the event of severe safety deficiencies.

40. Dismantling of the Exhibition Booth

The exhibition areas must be left in their original condition after dismantling the booths. The exhibitor is liable for damages to the ceilings, walls, floors and installation equipment. Adhesive strips must be removed without leaving any residue. Any damages of the hall, its fittings as well as outside facilities caused by the exhibitor or their contractors must be advised to the Messe und Congress Centrum Halle Münsterland GmbH under any circumstances.

41. Waste Management / -separation

Providing the exhibitor does not submit a request to the organiser or Messe und Congress Centrum Halle Münsterland GmbH to arrange for waste disposal, they must make their own arrangements at their own cost. Packaging materials and waste must not be stored in the hall during the event.


Technical Regulations for Tradeshows and Exhibitions of the Messe und Congress Centrum Halle Münsterland GmbH